Mmmm . . .

"Mommy," said The Boy, "may I have something to eat?"

"Sure! How about . . . a frog!"

(brief silence)

"Eeeeew! No!"

"Okay. How about a grasshopper?"

"Eeeeew! No!"

"Oh! I know! How about some cat food? I have Tuna & Chicken or Super Supper!"

"Eeeeew! No!"

"I'm sure Miss Puppy would love to share a nice can of Country Stew . . . "

"Eeeeew! No!"

"Okay, FINE. I guess you'll have to have spaghetti."

"Yay! Spaghetti!"

(brief silence)

"You know, it was really kind of funny when you kept trying to get me to eat gross things. I was trying not to laugh."

(brief silence)

"You wouldn't really have given me any of that stuff, would you?"

Update: Tonight The Boy runs up and asks . . . "May I have something to eat?"

I started to reply . . . I was thinking peanut butter.

"Wait!" he yelled. "I don't want anything yucky. And nothing gross. Don't even ask!"


bod said...

well hey boy don't be so picky, theres plenty of nutrition in it!