Someday . . .

YOUR kid will come home from school with a safety poster he or she designed as part of a class project.

You will be very surprised.

Especially if it says "Very Important Safety Rule #8: Don't play with radiation! It can kill you, unless you are lucky and mutate!"

It will have a picture of a bat, helpfully labeled "Giant Bat."

And you will discover he or she signed their entire name, so that all the other parents, who think you are a bit weird anyway, know exactly which kid is concerned about the effects of radiation, and that it hung in the hallway for an entire month.

This is right up there with an incident at Scarborough Faire over the weekend.

The Boy had to see Doktor Kaboom's Exploding Science show.

Exploding science! How cool is that!

In between throwing eggs with a catapult and setting things on fire, Doktor Kaboom made the horrible mistake of implying that the Faire had fewer fairies this year because of pesticide use.

The Boy, ever the critic, heckled that perhaps increased UV radiation caused by global warming damaged their immune systems and they died.

I wasn't sure whether to be proud or embarrassed.

I'm still not sure . . .


Doktor Kaboom! said...

I am sayingk for you to be choosing to be proud, Jah!

Und zank-you for spellingk "Doktor" correctly.