** blinks **

Two months -- I wasn't dead, although I have kind of felt like it.

I had been steadily slipping into a chronic fatigue/joint pain/general listlessness, to the point that The Husband felt compelled to intervene and insist on dietary changes.

Being married to a zombie isn't fun.

I am back on a Paleo diet (more links), the extremely low-carb diet favored by bears and cavemen, and I am starting to come back to life.

Without actually going to see a doctor -- yes, thank you, regardless of what certain Presidential hopefuls believe, I have health insurance, lots, in fact, in an assortment of flavors -- I'm wondering if I am not simply allergic to insulin.

I just don't like doctors, and I don't like them a lot.

The fact that I do very well on a very high protein, low-carb diet and feel like I am hibernating on a "normal" diet seems to point in that direction. I have ruled out diabetes and its related blood glucose disorders because of the absence of fluctuation -- there were no highs and lows -- just a very steady decline into zombiehood.

I can eat anything that a bear or someone wandering around the landscape with a sharp stick and a basket would eat. Nuts, berries, salad greens, and an assortment of dead animals. No dairy, corn, oranges, apples, rice, grains, potatoes, etc. No products of agriculture, and nothing that cannot be eaten raw (although obviously, I am cooking most of the meat and all of the fish). The dead animals need to be wild, free-range, hormone- and antibiotic-free, etc., whenever possible. Not only is it healthier and more humane, but the quality of the meat is affected, as well.

It's rough.

But I do feel better, and the auto-immune symptoms are receeding.

Getting back on it was the worst part -- three days of migraines, nausea and extreme fatigue. It was not as rough as the first time I went on Atkins -- in additon to my recent symptoms, I also had the shakes, mood swings and the highs and lows. Atkins induction was exactly how I had always imagined heroin withdrawals. This is a stricter, more extreme variant, so I'm not sure why the physical reaction is reduced.

It works.

The Husband is happy, or at least slightly less grumpy.

And I'm awake.


Carolyn said...

glad youre feeling better anne long may it continue. x

Angela said... have, I assume, investigated the celiac disease possibility? Maybe also possible that you're just plain allergic to some of those things on your "bad" list...? My mother had similar symptoms with certain foods and got an allergy test...discovered she was actually allergic to an amazing array of foods.

Anyway, glad you're feeling better!