** twitch **

Ever wonder why I stay in retail instead of moving into web design or something?

Because I don't want high blood pressure (or a drive to Dallas, either).

Case in point: one of my various volunteer projects is a web site for a local non-profit. I used a custom domain and ftp server to set it up using Blogger, simply because it is so easy to teach and difficult to mess up.

Famous last words.

Corvus is starting to laugh at this point -- Twinmama, too.

One of the main ladies in chief had to have administrator privileges -- the world would end if she didn't.

This week she used her administrator privileges to delete me from the account.

Only . . . I am the base account.

And the page fell apart.

Completely wonky.

It defaulted back to the very beginning, to the initial test posts while I was trying to work out the folders and settings for the ftp account.

I'm hoping she did something else, as well, and it wasn't simply deleting the base account.

Anyway . . . she refused to send me an invitation to join the team blog so I could get back in and fix it. And she refused to give me her user name and password so I could go in and fix it. Went so far as to terminate the conversation.

I'm neurotic and compulsive and had to fix it right at that moment -- I can hear the laughter -- so I created a new account, repaved the ftp settings, and began recovering the data from the server.

Until I realized what I was doing.

Any good mommy or manager knows the Sacred Law -- you do not reward bad behavior ever. Ever, ever, ever, ever!

So the page is stalled until the weekend, with a perky "Under Repair" banner.

I was not stupid enough to give her server privileges, so she can't do anything until I invite her to join the new account. As a peasant, of course. Her existing account will post to the old settings, and shouldn't affect the new page.

I am so angry I can hardly see, and I have to be at work at 5 a.m.


Angela said...

Oh noooooo, I am sorry to hear this. I feel your pain! I have a client who did something similar this week. (She's been nothing but a pain in the ass!). It wasn't too hard to fix, but her email to me was great...kind of like, "hmmmm. Seems to be broken. I don't think I did that but if I did, ooops, sorry."

This is why I never let my Xanax prescription run out.

Anne said...

The Day After Complete Page Reconstruction:

"Oh -- it's okay. I don't know what I did, but everything is back and it's okay."

I wish I had a Xanax prescription . . .