You know . . .

. . . if The Boy had been The Girl, I would know the appropriate Beatrix Potter quote to use here.

Since The Boy is, of course, The Boy, it should be noted that this is Furon, Scourge of Humanity, and Anti-Hero of Destroy All Humans 1 and 2.

Sorry -- I'm lazy tonight. No linkage.

Fun games, in the spirit of Mars Attacks.

It should also be noted that even if The Boy had been The Girl, I still probably wouldn't have been able to quote Beatrix Potter, because the only thing I'm coming up with is being grateful that the hut does not have chicken feet, because we all know what that means!

It means that when I am old, and all the other old people are drooling on themselves and talking about people from their childhood as if they are right there and arguing with their adult children that they are supposed to be nine and are obviously up too late, I will be mixing up my fairy tales, pop culture and kiddie lit so that I will be telling stories like Nancy Drew and the Temple of Doom! Gregor the Overlander and the Return of the Apprentice of the Order of the Phoenix!

I will either be a fascinating great-grandmother or locked in a padded cage.


Anne said...

Yes, I could have photoshopped the doggie and kitty and kiddie nose, paw and fingerprints from the aquarium.

I was too busy marveling that even rodents, when surprised by the paparazzi, are able to keep their sensitive bits safely covered and off camera.

bod said...

aww cute and modest.