Is It Too Late for a Wedding Registry?

Er . . . nine years too late.

It's complicated -- for starters, I was born without the Wedding Planner gene most girls have. While every girl in my neighborhood was conducting elaborate Barbie weddings and starting scrapbooks for The Big Day, I was busy with Legos.

This was back in the Dark Ages, when Legos came in barrels, without elaborate instructions, themes or franchises.

In today's terms, they were playing The Sims, and I was building massive layouts with the Neverwinter Nights level editor.

The Husband -- Significant Male Person, at the time -- and I intended to have a small, medieval-themed wedding. He had chain mail. I had a book of historical costume design. We had about ten close friends and a fairly wild, forest-y yard.

It would have been lovely.

Then we called his mother.

And suddenly, the guest list jumped to about 400.

I froze. I couldn't do it. I couldn't even imagine doing it.

I completely shut down and couldn't make a single decision. I couldn't even pick out a ring.

Significant Male Person realized this after we had looked at every single ring in the Metroplex without finding anything that even vaguely interested me and finally hustled me off to the local Justice of the Peace.

He bought hematite rings, with the theory that hematite was used in cave paintings which are at least as forever as diamonds, and we later switched to silver Celtic Knot bands.

Our families still haven't entirely forgiven us for not having an elaborate wedding, but we've lived happily ever after.

In the middle of The Great Wedding Freeze, my grandmother decided to buy our flatware. I was no more capable of picking out silver than I was at selecting a ring, so she eventually gave up and picked for us. She selected Napoli, which was fine, a simple, clean design that goes with everything.

Today I found the set I should have found and picked then -- Taos Twist.

I am absolutely crazy about it, and I am not That Sort of Girl.

I informed The Husband that I am buying it as a Christmas present (we just had our anniversary), and that we love it. He didn't look very sure until I pointed out that it will look absolutely wonderful with our stoneware, which he is in the process of making -- we have a lot of bowls, coffee cups and tumblers.

The thing with having your own personal potter is that you have beautiful, artistic, interesting pieces.

One of each type, color and style, and sometimes a group will consist of several rough drafts before he finalized a design.

Lucky for him that I view this as a statement, although I'm not sure if the statement is "We're way too cool and interesting to bother with matching plates" or "Desperately seeking Martha Stewart stem cell injections."

Disclaimer: We DO have matching dishes -- normal ones and the dressy kind that are used once every few years with the ugly, flowery good silver my mother picked out. It's the interesting handthrown stuff that doesn't match, and I always feel as if I should try to use Husbandware as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!

Light & Dark said...

Husbandware - perfect!

Kinda like "eating your own dogfood" for software.