Summer Daze

The problem with summer is that so much of it happens outside.

Somehow -- I haven't seen any evidence of handcuffs and straightjackets, which doesn't mean I have ruled them out -- The Husband manages to get The Boy to sleep in and laze around the house in the mornings, while I am at work.

As soon as I get home and he leaves for work, The Boy wants to go outside.

We live in North Texas.

You can fry an egg on our porch and The Boy wants to go outside.

And I have to go with him.

We have played in sprinklers and waded in creeks. Lots of swinging, plenty of tree climbing.

I have sat on the porch in a rocking chair and twitched nervously while he played with the kids next door (yes, the evil ones).

I have served 4 thousand pitchers of Kool Aid, and 17 million gallons of water.

All the dogs in the neighborhood come over to visit because I give them ice cubes.

Usually once I drag him in the house and convince him that the video games miss him more than his basketball, the kids up the street come over, and we are out again for several hours.

Then the other kid next door comes home and we are still out.

I had the best of intentions for a consistent blogging schedule, but somehow water gun battles weren't what I had in mind.


Cathy said...

I am enjoying your blogs.

I wish I could fry eggs on my front step - think of all the washing up that could save over the summer.

What a great idea "real people" action figures are. I think you should work on that idea - it could make your fortune. I can see them now - Vus Driver Man, Secretary Girl, Grumpy Old Woman (that's me by the way), Super Accountant - the possibilities are endless.

bod said...

he plays with the evil ones? do you check your house out after theyve gone?!
evil kid action figure would give the others someone to fight with.

Anne said...

Oh, no! Good grief, no!

The Hellspawn are not allowed in the house.

They are not allowed out behind the house, in the faux woods.

They are not allowed in the barn.

If they wish to play with The Boy, they have to stay in the front yard, where I can see them without feeling paranoid and neurotic.

Due to an unrelated incident, the same rules apply when they visit the other kid next door.

And due to yet another incident, the same rules apply when they visit the kids up the street. Both sets.

I had felt guilty and horrible (and neurotic) until I discovered that the various other parents were on the same team. I also understood why They started at one end of the street and worked their way down . . . it was an exile thing.

bod said...

strewth! how sad. i know you always feel bad about having to restrict other kids but once yours has been bitten a couple of times the guilt wears off!