A Boy and His Hamster

You may remember that The Boy once had hermit crabs, for reasons that the grandmother in question was never able to fully explain.

They were interesting, in their own way.

If you happened to be a fan of bugs.

At least until they began killing each other for the privilege of wearing the pink Barbie shell. I would have preferred to wait until The Boy was older than 6 -- let's say 36, as a conservative estimate -- to explain crossdressing, but we survived (it should be noted that the aquarium was completely littered with shells in a variety of sizes and colors, all of which the crabs ignored in their quest to be the one in the pretty pink shell).

For Easter, this same grandmother tried to get The Boy a hamster.

I caught her at it.

I insisted we would have fish.

Cute fish.

Perhaps a snail.

Maybe some of those little frogs, or a nice little turtle.

The Boy got a hamster, whom he promptly christened Furon, after the Evil Alien Crypto Sporidium in Destroy All Humans.

"Boys need something cute and furry," the grandmother said. "Something to love."

That's an actual photo of The Boy's Furon, photoshopped to emphasize the lovable furriness of the coming invasion force.

I suppose the four cats are purely decorative.


bod said...

ok anne, i wait with baited breath!