That's Not The Problem

If you can't smoke their cigars and drink their whiskey and vote against them the next day, you shouldn't be in Congress.

Rep. Sam Rayburn, D-TX
former US Speaker of the House
The question has become not can you smoke their cigars and drink their whiskey, but can you have most of your family on their payroll and let them take you on vacation and vote against them the next day.

The real question is why do we put up with it?

Here in North Texas, in one of those really red counties, people are starting to mutter.

My auto mechanic, a Porot man and former Bush fan, plans a Democratic vote, not because he thinks the Democrats can win Texas, but as a statement against the current status quo. He believes there has to be changes, or the next generation won't have a chance.

He would like to see Hillary run, a sentiment I am hearing more and more frequently from people who used to cross the street to avoid a Democrat.

2008 is going to be an interesting year.


bod said...

im just tired of being told lies. i thought politics was supposed to be about issues but its all about image and spin. such a waste of good air.