In Brief . . .

I have not misplaced my brain, or broken my arm, or anything fun like that.

I do have a variety of blog posts in the wild, but simply lack the time to capture them and herd them into Blogger.

The Husband, with the best of intentions, accidently volunteered me to do this, and teach everyone about The Miracle of Blogging. I am up to my knees in blogging-related questions, which is a good thing, as it prevents me from noticing exactly how long it has been since I have vacuumed (at least it's winter, so the Beasties have stopped shedding).

The Husband, it should be noted, is highly dismayed, and has offered to find a large rock, in case I would like to crawl under it for a few months.

I spent nine hours in the emergency room with Helen last night. She was having deep, spasming pain that we thought perhaps was centered in her gall bladder.

Nine hours and an assortment of tests (including a CAT scan) later, the hospital diagnosed her as being old (no hairballs, either).

We were very surprised to hear this {/snark}, and left the hospital feeling much better. After one of us yelled at the doctor for twenty minutes and the other of us upset her stomach drinking a substance completely unlike coffee, we went home, and I went to work. Didn't last long -- being up for 30 hours sort of takes the enthusiasm and purpose out of you, in spite of the Red Bull.

Cub scouts tonight.


If I don't get some help with that, I shall use my astonishing cub master powers to send everybody but the Tiger Cubs off to join another pack. Only the Tiger Cub mothers have any desire to do anything but sit there and expect me to do everything.

On the Field Support front at work, I am up to Level 5 (Level 7 if you count the first two levels of basic support, before they passed me over to the manufacturer's support team). Level 5 means they won't actually tell me anything, but admit there is a serious problem somewhere.


Dana said...

Whew. Happy trails...