Keeping a blog would be so much simpler if I could find a hot spot during the day without leaving the store.

Once I pick up The Boy, the rest of the day is usually shot.

First, there must be snacks. The Boy has just discovered beef jerky, so this isn’t much of a problem.

Then we have homework, which must be checked and discussed. Second grade homework usually consists of at least one sheet of math and phonics, and spelling. Spelling words are copied three times, and the words must be used in sentences.

I have taught The Boy how to cheat, and use as many spelling words as possible in each sentence to reduce the total number of sentences.

He thinks that is absolutely great, and usually tries to follow a theme.

His teacher thinks he is brilliant, and hasn’t caught on to the scam.

Occasionally he will have to write paragraphs, but hasn’t had to do one of those since he turned in a blistering diatribe on the subject of dumping animals (we picked his cat up as a kitten in a parking lot in the middle of summer – Texas summer -- and he did not forget treating Pye’s burns). Apparently once you have progressed from paragraphs to essays on animal rights you pass.

Then we have video games (Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal is currently in obsessive replay mode), dinner, bath, reading and bed.

Currently we are working on Septimus Heap, Book 1: Magyck.

Eragon has moved up the queue since seeing the movie (we’ve read that one before – he wants to do it again).

I usually pass out shortly after that.

And Eragon, the movie?

It hits its target market – The Boy loved it, and raves about it to anyone who will listen.

I’ll post my review later.