Reading Choices . . .

The Boy has told everyone who will listen his slightly garbled version of Eragon, the movie.

It is his favorite movie ever, etc., etc.

Oh, except for Star Wars.

Faced with a choice between a re-reading of Eragon at bedtime, or Coraline, or The Children's Crusade, he picked D (which was actually not one of the choices) Gregor the Overlander: The Prophecy of Bane.

Because he likes the giant cockroaches.

The professor who taught the science fiction writing class The Husband took a few years ago told his students that every single one of them either had or would live in a horrible apartment, but no matter how interesting or clever they might think they were, never write a "dirty apartment" story. There are, he said, reasons why you do not see them in print.

Yet here we are, parents of a fan of the "dirty apartment."

I'm surprised my grandmother hasn't shown up as The Ghost of Light Reading to frighten him into Beowulf . . . and I'm definitely sure I don't want to visit him after he leaves for college.