Okaaaay . . .

12/27 UPDATE: And crashed again, this time with only one window, one tab, and a fairly large pdf.

Not, it should be noted, large enough to bother either Firefox or Opera, in multiple tabs, running at the same time.

No reboot this time, and no loss of internet connection.

I'm officially done with it, and I feel as if I should apologize for messing with it in the first place.

Remember, Windows Vista is coming out in a year or two, and people will begin showing up on your doorstep with crashed systems they will insist are running Windows 97 Verde AP Pro, so it is important to have a vague idea of the levels of hell Microsoft has in store for us all.

12/26 UPDATE: I crashed it again, with two windows and seven tabs.

Reboot required.

12/20 ORIGINAL POST: Internet Explorer 7.

It's like a train wreck -- you don't want to look, you know you shouldn't look, but you slow down and look anyway.

I just downloaded, installed and opened it.

Imagine my surprise when Firefox opened.

Without the performance -- it really lags with a dial-up connection, while Firefox and Opera zip along.

But it is pretty . . .


Anne said...

I was getting ready to do an update to the effect that IE7 seems more stable, etc., even if it drags, when I completely crashed it.

** snort **

Firefox STILL rules.

And I have yet to crash Opera . . .