December's Round Table Has Come and Gone . . .

I did manage to bake roughly 40 million cookies (peanut-butter-and-jelly-thumb-prints were the cookie of 2006) and a couple of pies, but spent a little too much time debating whether to post The Boy's take on Corvus' December Round Table or present him for therapy at the closest residential institution.

This month's topic/challenge was to create a Christmas carol-themed video game.

The Boy thought this was great!

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer!

It would work as a flash game, and seemed more hazardous for Santa than for the Grandmas ("They are pretty crafty, you know").

The objective would be to run over as many Grandmas as possible.

However, they have the option to hit you with their purses, canes and walkers.

If you try to run over a wheelchair-bound Grandma, you will wreck your sleigh ("Wheelchairs are very sturdy, you know").

The Grandmas also have the option to stop the sleigh, causing you/Santa to fly into a snow drift, by tossing cookies to the reindeer ("or maybe carrots . . . aren't reindeer vegetarians?").

And then there are "We Three Kings."

"Of Orient are."

Do you see where this is going?

Of course you do -- you are all familiar with the demented mind of a certain Boy.

The Three Kings are ninjas, naturally ("Mommy, the song says 'of Orient ARE.' That means China and Japan. They were ninjas").

Our heroic ninjas battle their way across the desert, fighting evil djinn who are determined to steal their Christmas presents because Santa only brought them coal for their stockings. Following a brief stop at Bufama's house for supplies, they go on to battle giant scorpions. When they finally reach Bethlehem, they use their stealth skills to avoid Roman soldiers and reach the famous stable ("Yes, I'm sure there were goats").


bod said...

you have to admit that boy has real talent and quite a good sense of humour too!