The Moment of Truth

I had really bad parents.

Two people who should have run screaming in opposite directions when they met, yet married and had children.

And so I worry -- a lot -- about whether or not I am a good parent.

The Husband thinks I overthink parenting, and I should worry less because I am conscious of what would be the most natural path and I always do something entirely different.

Every now and then, I get a glimpse of who The Boy really is, and I am awed by the fact that I participated in that process.

Today he presented me with the storyboards for his game company, Scorpion Games, including how it leads into his game, Goat Frenzy.

I felt compelled to point out that we really don't have the resources to be a game company, and that we really don't know much about marketing.

The Boy rolled his eyes, heaved a big sigh, and explained, "It's my game, Mommy. I just want to do it. We can't just walk into Mega-Mart and sell it to people. It's for us."

Art for art's sake.

We've got to be doing something right.


Corvus said...

Tell the Boy I'll gladly be a design resource for him.

Anne said...

Thank you. We will appreciate the help.

Right now he is playing Lego Star Wars 2 -- he says it is "research."

Tomorrow he is taking his Goat Frenzy stuff to school for show and tell -- first press conference?

I am trying to get him to wait until he has more than a storyline, but there is no slowing him down.

bod said...

you have some kid there anne! genius seems a rather mild description of him.