Links for Parents of Small Boys Who Wish to Take on The World, or At Least John Carmack . . .

I went to my local friendly used book store and picked up copies of The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming (go ahead and laugh, Corvus -- I know how out of date it is, but it came with a DirectX dev kit) and Ultimate Game Design.

Zen requires Visual C++, so I went to Microsoft's site to find out how much it was going to cost me, thinking it served me right since I went for a cheap book rather than something more up-to-date.

Rummaging around at Microsoft, I discovered that The Source of All Evil in the Universe publishes personal learning editions of almost everything nifty and interesting.

Visual C++

Visual C#

XNA Game Studio Express Beta

There's also SQL Server, Visual Basic and Visual J#, for anyone who may be interested.

Garage Games is also porting their Torque engine over to XNA, in time for the holiday release of the final (er, this is Microsoft we're talking about -- let's call it the "pre-patch version") version of the platform. It will be compatible with Torque Game Builder, which is available now.

The Boy may have a resume before third grade.


Corvus said...

Some of the older books are the best, really. So many of the modern books are terribly myopic in their attempt to focus on a particular thing.

But still, if the boy wants to make his excellent goat game, you should check out Panda3D. It's open source, uses Python scripting around a C++ corel, has some nice tutorials, and is pretty darn slick.

Anne said...

I was originally leaning toward Blender and Panda, but I feel like I need to work up to it, rather than jump right in, and Microsloth products are nothing if not easy to jump into cold.

Bill Gates is personally responsible for lowering the collective IQ or the US about 50 points . . .