My favorite Pet Boy ran off and joined the Navy a few weeks ago, and The Boy and I received our first letters from him today.

He and The Boy adopted each other at his going away party, held at a Mexican chain restaurant during happy hour.

I brought The Boy, of course, because we were coming from somewhere and on our way somewhere else.

The Boy brought his DS, and within seconds had completely taken over the party and distracted Pet Boy, who was very happy at that point and introduced The Boy to everyone as himself fifteen years ago.

All the cute little girls began wandering off when Pet Boy produced his PSP, and he and The Boy went off in a corner to play MegaMan. Cute little girls do not like to be trumped by small boys and robots.

He then asked The Boy to be his brother.

The Boy graciously accepted, and revealed that he had always wanted a brother.

I am holding Pet Boy to this.


Dana said...

I am at a loss for words...

I hope The Boy learns a lesson of brotherhood, and never finds himself disappointed in this relationship.