Tomorrow . . .

I am off, and I plan to write up an actual blog entry or two.


  • I have spent valuable Mommy Points enrolling The Boy in basketball. Yes, basketball.
  • He loathes it.
  • I am buried at work, to the point of being fried. Management again promised to start interviewing for the position of my assistant, a position that has been empty since Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.
  • The reason management has again promised to begin interviewing for the position is because I frightened a management trainee rather badly today.
  • The Husband is running around volunteering my web services. I have to admit I am enjoying this, and can now write HTML and CSS off the top of my head, but it contributes to my general lack of blogging and sleep.
  • Tomorrow.
  • I promise.
  • Really.


bod said...

love to know what you did to frighten them so much!

snowballinhell said...'s been more than a day and I'm still waiting...

Dana said...

I'll be here...waiting...still. *wink*

Alicia said...

I know the fried feeling. Take care of yourself. I want to know what you did to scare them as well! :)