** sigh **

I am supposed to be working on a web site for flint knapping.

You know -- the art of training a rock to be arrowheads and knife blades.

People who can do it make it look completely effortless.

Tap . . . tap . . . tap . . . whack!

"Look, a spear point!"

The Husband tried it several years ago.

Let's just say we ran through quite a bit of flint, and have a couple of spear points more through sheer force of will rather than any actual skill.

As far as the spear points themselves, let's just agree that it is very fortunate all our big game hunting occurs in grocery stores.

Anyway, The Husband traded a web site for a beautiful obsidian knife, set in an antler handle.

I seem to have frightened the poor guy away.

I'll have you know I was friendly and polite. In my second -- not the first, which I used to exchange pleasantries -- e-mail, I asked him what he wanted for the site.

That's it.

I am thinking photo gallery? Zine format, with how-to, history, tip and technique articles? Forums? Links to rock shops and tool suppliers? Links to artists and historians?

But I didn't bring any of that up.


I received a very polite e-mail to the effect that the entire web page thing is completely overwhelming, and he needs to go think about it.

Haven't heard from him since.

Of course, I am wondering if I should put something together and hunt him down for input after the fact, or just let it go until he pops up again.