Quote of the Day

"I'm a Drug-Free Kid.

"That means I won't ever do drugs. I signed the Promise Poster. See? (displays wristband, printed with a number and "Drug-Free Kid" slogan) I am number 129.

"And I don't do drugs."

** pause **

"Mommy, what's drugs?"

Yes, we did this last year, too.

I can't even express how appreciative I am that the same school that frowns on computer programming ("Use small words.") has brought drugs to the attention of The Boy.

I explained it in terms of using medicine without a doctor's permission, to make you feel kind of funny (like the time at the dentist's where the poor doctor gave him enough gas to put down an elephant and he simply refused to drift off) for fun.

** total disbelief **

"Why would anyone want to do that?"

"Because some people think it's fun."

"But why shouldn't they do it?"

"Because medicine can be dangerous, if you don't take it the way the doctor wants you to. You could get poisoned."

"Then why would anyone want to do that?"

"Some people like to take chances."

"That's just stupid. Don't they know they are supposed to listen to their doctor?"

Again, from The Boy who refused to go to sleep.

** sigh **