How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

Waaaay stupid.

Guess what ex-FEMA head Michael Brown is doing these days.

Go ahead -- guess!

Brown, if you recall, had no idea hurricanes were bad and scary and caused flooding, and was very surprised to discover that the Gulf Coast was devastated following Hurricane Katrina.

An e-mail audit revealed that his interests included being a fashion god, shopping, and caring for his dogs and that he couldn't understand why his spam filter wasn't picking up all those weird e-mails with subject headers reading "DEAR GOD -- HELP US!," "WHAT DO WE DO SINCE ALL THE LEVEES HAVE FAILED?," and "WHERE IN THE HELL ARE YOU?"

He also had the opportunity to defend his actions before Congress -- obviously it was President Bush's fault and everyone knows you don't answer spam.

Anyway . . . guess!

Brown is opening a consulting firm specializing in disaster planning.

No, really.

Read the Associated Press story.

He also says his parents are still proud of him, which actually explains a great deal.