I just realized that I forgot to make a skillet of cornbread for the dressing.

Update: Okay, I'm saved.

Civilization will not come to an end, The Husband and Boy will not get to make snide remarks about how good wives and mothers remember what everyone is supposed to eat for dinner, and I can go to sleep.

Except now I have had too much coffee, and that pie is looking good.

The Boy did not make fudge.

He said that he didn't like pecans.

Lightning did not immediately strike the house, which is fortunate, since he went on to eat nearly half of it before he went to bed.


Kelvin said...

You didn't forget at all. I ate it when you weren't looking !!! (hehe)
Kia Ora (Hello) From a krazy blogger down under in New Zealand.

Ghost said...

You would have liked it, Kelvin.

I had to fight The Boy for it to get it into the dressing . . . he was horrified that I planned to grind up perfectly good cornbread.