Another Geeky Work Post . . .

The Parliament of Programmers received a phone call at 5:30 a.m. today from me, gleefully clutching my new Gemini which I am sure has a bad radio card . . .

I was hoping to reach somebody new, someone who had never heard of me, someone who had not yet been warned about that girl who just doesn't believe in bad radio cards.

And I got somebody new, an engineer from Special Projects, who just happened to be standing near the phone when it rang and transferred me back to his office.

The entire system is beginning to stutter and stumble, and not just this one particular Gemini.

I brought up viral infection.

He assures me that simply isn't possible at the store level.

However, we may be having server trouble.

Big trouble.

He is thinking that we have a tiny little server running a big, huge network.

He may be right.

The various system troubles coincide with our data accumulation, and half of the working Geminis are currently running on their system caches.

He assured me he would send out a forceful e-mail.

I just hope he does it before the entire thing crashes . . .