A Note to Lorne Lanning . . .

The Boy, through gratuitous use of a cheat code, finally finished Stranger Tuesday night.

He is ready for the next Oddworld game, which he informs me is to be called Munch 2.

And I quote:

Munch is playing in the river, taking care of his babies, when a fuzzle comes to see him.

The fuzzle is very, very, very upset, because he has escaped from Vykkers Labs where the bad ants are doing new experiments on little animals.

He wants Munch to help him save his friends.

Munch has to get Abe to come and babysit, which is very hard for Abe because he can't swim and he has to take care of all the babies or they will die.

Munch goes with the fuzzle, and they save some other fuzzles, and then they find out that the bad ants are making an army of evil, cyborg fuzzles to take over Oddworld.

So Munch and his best friend the fuzzle escape, and swim down the river until they find Stranger and the froggy people. Stranger and the froggy people decide to come help, but the froggy people go take care of Munch's babies so they don't drown Abe.

(rambles about the various fight scenes he would like to see, and the number of fuzzles that are rescued, and the rescue of a girl gabbit so Munch can get married and the baby gabbits can have a mother)

Then they find the boss guy, and do you know who he is?

He is the evil squid, the one who was driving the old steef and got away! Now he is driving Lulu. He didn't think anyone would find out, but Stranger is too smart . . .

So Stranger has to fight him again.

And then the fuzzles blow up the lab again, but this time they do a better job so it stays blown up.

This time he kills the bad squid, and Munch gets married to the girl gabbit. They take their entire family and move up the river to live with the froggy people because they are very good babysitters.

I know I would play it, just to see the gabbit wedding.


Corvus said...

Too bad Lorne pithced a hissy fit and is going back to television, eh?

Corvus said...

Pitched, obviously.

Pithced being a flatworm that lives in peat bogs.

Ghost said...

That's my bitch with the situation -- would you really want to sit through an Oddworld movie/TV show having had the interactive experience?

Or go from interesting, quirky, subtle games like the Oddworld games have been to a crappy licensed one?

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