Bad Week . . .

I was right -- it is Helen's sciatic nerve.

An MRI revealed that her spine has become overgrown with bone spurs, and one is apparently pressing against the nerve rendering her leg useless.

I have been having lunch with Helen and her husband daily, mostly to ensure they have at least one hot meal a day.

We are in the process of being referred to a neurosurgeon. Regardless of whether he could do anything to alleviate the pressure, this is going to become a very bad situation very quickly.

The Boy had a stomach virus and stayed home from school Thursday. The Husband and I have been unable to sleep well since, to the point that we are home this evening, instead of seeing Serenity or visiting the robots.

Tomorrow is the first day of the fourth quarter and I get to work.

The Husband gets to work.

The Boy gets to go to his Grandmother's house and play non-video game sorts of things, which he would classify as the equivalent of work.

Maybe we'll get some sleep tonight . . .