True Story . . .

The people who know me off-blog will think this is hysterical.

I received a lovely brochure from Microsoft, at work, addressed to me, with my job title, at the company at which I work, inviting me to either download or request a copy of one of their assorted Small Business Solutions booklets and set up an appointment with a perky Microsoft representative to discuss how Microsoft Small Business Solutions can help my business stay competitive in an era of globalization and mega discount chains.

I seriously thought about circling the company's name on the address label, and returning it to them with a yellow sticky note that would read, "What part of this address don't you understand?"

You would think Microsoft, of all places, would have a database feature that would automatically delete people like me from lists like this.

Maybe I should go ahead and set up the appointment, bring the Linux laptop and force them to deal with Open Office. And the Powerbook-a-saurus, with its Word Perfect-a-don suite.


snowballinhell said...

Heehee. Morons!

Twinmama said...

That IS funny; it says more about Microsloth than we ever could.