Parent Alert

I am the proud mother of a first grader who is bored to death by school, and thus, will probably never be an honor student.

And who has excruciatingly polite manners that would prevent him from beating up your honor student, just so we have also covered the other bumper sticker.

In an effort to convince him that school isn't always boring, because occasionally you are allowed to set it on fire, I have to ask:

When does the Science Fair season start?

What grade?

Do they assign themes, or can you do whatever you want?

And would it be considered cheating if I left this book lying around the house?

Special thanks to Snowball for the Marshmallow Weapons link . . .


Brandon said...

Yes it would be cheating....and I would be dissapointed if you didnt do more!!!!!!!

Ghost said...

Technically YOU, THE CHILD, are the only one allowed to work on a science project, if I recall correctly.

You, the parents, are only allowed to go shopping.

As yes, Brandon, I also remember science projects from school that looked as if their only contact with an actual child was to have one waved over it at the end . . .

Ghost said...

The Husband believes we really need this book, although he rather pompously informed me that we need to downplay the Evil Genius thing.

Yes, dear -- my goals as a parent include raising a supervillain. I was hoping Batman would drop by to discuss the facilities at Arkham with us over tea and crumpets . . . or do you suppose he would prefer Red Bull and Powerbars?

I suspect he wants the book for the same reason I do -- so we can build light sabers.