Things To Do While I'm Off This Weekend . . .

. . . besides update this blog with an actual post or two, as opposed to these pointless little blurbs.

  • Compose a letter to The Boy’s teacher, enquiring whether she feels introducing flow charts would help him settle into her routines.  Apparently she is a stickler for procedure, and you will pass through points A and B before staggering through C, and you can only hope that God may have mercy on your soul if you try to get there via E, F or G . . . The Boy appears to have an Abstract Random learning style, and this is not a good thing to have in public schools.

  • Impress upon The Boy that being “out” is a method of taking turns, and that the person who tags you out is not evil, not necessarily a hairy, smelly, stinky cheater, and may not eventually come to a bad end.  No one playing dodge ball has sub-dermal body armor, and it will not protect you from the Sacred Dodge Ball of Doom, even if you did . . .

  • Work on a presentation for a blogging approach to a non-profit organization’s web page for The Husband.

  • Organize my supply sheets for work – I only have a bulging 2-inch binder to get through. : )

  • Finally finish my post on my mother, and why we don’t get along nearly as well as the Israelis and Palestinians.  I’m actually spontaneously developing a migraine just thinking about it, so don’t be surprised if this one doesn’t happen.

  • Finish tweaking up The Beast.  Everything was reset to the default settings, and I am gradually tracking down all the changes.  Windows has finally stopped informing me that I am absolutely insane because I prefer manual to automatic updates (“Click on balloon to admit you are stupid and can’t remember to perform routine maintenance!  And remember, Uncle Bill loves you very much!”)


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