Spoiled Brat on the Loose . . .


At one end of the sofa, we have The Infernal Miss Puppy.

On the other end, The Boy.

One of them has a brownie on a plate.

The other has an entire bag of Carob and Peanut Butter Kitty and Mailman cookies.

Guess who got the brownie?

You would have been impressed -- it was an elaborate stealth maneuver featuring the ability to scoot backwards on the sofa without once looking at the brownie until it was in snurf range ("snurf" -- the unique sound Miss Puppy makes when she inhales some type of food she knows she is forbidden to touch, either because it involves a splintery bone, chocolate, or simply belongs to someone else. Your dog probably has a similar noise . . . ).

The Boy just rolled his eyes. He decided he would rather have a smoked sausage on a bun anyway.


Anonymous said...

"Oh, look! I have a brownie on my butt! How did that happen? I guess I will be forced to LICK IT OFF RIGHT NOW! OH! YUM! YUM! YUM!"

She's only being polite.