** snicker **

G4 has a series of parody political commercials going, revealing the unexpected evils of Tetris and Super Mario.

While I am amused, I really don't think this is the way to go.

Tomorrow night.

Oh, and my mother's colon is happy and healthy, which is a good thing, so tomorrow is actual surgery.

Again, more tomorrow.

The Infernal Miss Puppy ate two tootbrushes and sucked all the toothpaste out of a tube.

She also stole an entire loaf of banana bread off the kitchen counter and ate it, saran wrap and all, which means she is using her paws as hands and has a reach of at least four feet . . .

If she dies during the night it is probably because I have killed her.


Rachel Ann said...

Good health vibes coming your mom's way.

As for the pup; well at least she has clean teeth.

(toothpaste? Your pup ate toothpaste? And I thought Caesar was bad. He use to eat wires. We put hot sauce on them. He still ate wires. The only thing this dog doesn't eat is pretzels.

Ghost said...

In all fairness to The Infernal Beast, it was Spongebob Bubble Fruit flavor, and not the super-ultra-mega-melt-your-gums mint I favor . . .

Tonight she is chasing cats.

Through the living room.

Cats she has known her entire life, since they were larger than she was.

You would think they are raccoons, the way she is carrying on.

Ghost said...

Oh! Almost forgot --

She LOVED the hot sauce on the wires, which I tried as a last resort because I thought it was cruel.

I had to cut the legs off old jeans, run the wires through them, then stuff them with hay.

Really . . .