On The 'Box . . .

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Boy reports that it is sort of like the Oddworld and Harry Potter games, with just a little Psychonauts thrown in (Charlie bounces on a ball, similar to Raz's levitation).

His biggest criticism is that Charlie's gamespeak allows him to boss the Oompa Loompas around, but not simply be polite and friendly. In Oddworld, of course, you not only greet other Mudokens, but sometimes you have to cheer them up and always have the option to burp and fart at them, which they find very amusing. Munch has a tendency to refer to the fuzzles as "little cuties," even though we later discover that they will eat your face, given half a chance.

He says it is fun, but moved on to Republic Commando fairly quickly (always rent licensed games first).

Madagascar and the Harry Potters are the only licensed games he has ever really liked (defined as played until you want to scream -- like Republic Commando).

He says that after he gets out of college and makes Halo 9, that perhaps he will work on Munch and Abe 2 -- apparently they need to visit Stranger's side of the world.