** gag **

Eeeew . . .

Yes, I am weak.

I crave dial-up acceleration.

I installed the Earthlink software.

In punishment for my sins, the official AOL-Wannabe-Ware is exactly as awful as I recall . . . and worse.

The e-mail program used to carry a tagline that said something like "Earthlink -- Total World Domination." Or something similar.

Now it says "EarthLink Revolves Around You."

I have to find another service, and it is complicated by the fact that The Husband plays Star Wars Galaxies, and it really depends on the accelerator.

Update: The EarthWare is slowly being beaten into submission. I dislike its presence on my hard drive, but I'm willing to live with it. At least it isn't an AOL build . . .

And before you suggest it, we are down in a valley. The wireless signals bounce over us -- we can barely connect a cell phone until we get to the top of a hill.

And satellite connections have a five second lag -- Mr. MMORPG would have heart failure if he had to deal with such a long lag.


snowballinhell said...

I checked into a satellite connection before we got the Evil Comcast Cable access. They were hideously expensive, even moreso than the Beast That is Comcast!

Me said...

** jealousy **

I would LOVE The Beast That Is Comcast.

I'm still not finding anything that isn't a member of the AOL family that still isn't Earthlink.

AOL really gets around . . .