Best Piece of Advice I Never Received . . .

If someone tells you they enjoy being the center of attention, turn around and walk away.

Better yet, run.

Run fast, and run hard.

If you think they are kidding, or it is just an odd, quirky thing to say, or even pay no attention to it at all and let them into your life, they will find the thing you are best at, or care about the most, and they will destroy it.

Just because you were the center of something they were not . . .

And because you cared about it, it will hurt so much you that you will wish you could die, and the person simply won't care, and won't get it, because for them it was simply a game about being the center of attention.

They will have elaborate justifications for their behavior, and it will never be their fault. They will blame you, and they will drop you as soon as they are found out. Worse, they will take any available opportunity to rub your nose in it, including posting about it on the internet for you to find.

So do yourself a favor and walk away if you ever have the good fortune to be warned in advance.