Calling 911 . . .

This year's "Doesn't Mommy read our Christmas lists?" present was Guitar Hero III for the Xbox 360.

It was a huge hit with The Husband, who snatched the TV and 360 away from The Boy every time he stopped for even a second or two.

The Boy, who listed Halo 3 and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga on multiple lists and letters, was trying to play Kameo: The Elements of Power (not listed anywhere) in between playing with his Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Attack (yes, the shark can eat the diver, as well as an assortment of junk that can be helpfully removed through a slash in its stomach. Matchbox toys are apparently designed by people who actually have kids and know boys are gross).

I thought perhaps The Boy would like Guitar Hero III, but had the foresight to label the present "To The Boys" from one of the cats.

Good thing.

It is definitely The Husband's new toy, and The Boy now believe that cats have bad taste.

So. Back to the 911 theme.

The Husband is playing Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy."

The Boy is making skeptical noises.

"Do I have to like this song?" he asks.



"Because you live in Texas, and it is required by law."

Silence, except for the clicking of the guitar controller and the blaring TV (the only way to play this type of game is with the volume cranked, so that you do not notice the clicking controllers).

"Is that true, Daddy?"


Daddy really, really likes Guitar Hero.


"Are you going to turn me in to the police?"

For review purposes, The Husband reports that the only problem with the game (other than the absence of Stone Temple Pilots on the play list) is that it does not like to have more than one fret pressed at the same time (unless it wants you to).

Also, he had a tendency to actually PLAY the song, rather than play the abbreviated version provided by the game (yes, he plays in real life. No band -- just a guitar).

Other than that, he wants to pick up GHII soon.