The World Famous Coffee Pot

Yes, the automatic drip coffee pot finally died, and no amount of poking with chopsticks or screwdrivers revived it.

You simply can't win when you are fighting mineral residue.

Fortunately we have several French presses, which got us through until The Husband produced this baby, which holds two and a half large cups of coffee.

I put a paper filter in the "basket" (bowl? thingy-part?), but it actually works best with a screened permanent filter basket, which looked kind of odd in the picture.

You have to slowly pour the not-quite-at-a boil water through yourself, as recommended by one of Alton Brown's Good Eats episodes.

It makes lovely coffee, although I have to admit that in the morning it is easier to stop at a convenience store on the way to work.


Angela said...

That is gorgeous!

bod said...

yes, it is.