Resistance Is Futile!

The Boy has upset the narrow-minded bureaucracy that is the public school system.

Students are required to read a book from a bureaucracy-selected group of books, then take a reading comprehension test.

Sounds simple.

Sounds easy.

The problem?

He regards the books in his grade grouping as baby books, completely beneath him, and refuses to participate.

The Second Grader Who Reads Harry Potter On His Own In Front Of Teachers is failing reading because he won't read Bad Kitty. Go figure.

The school library has closed for the year, so I have managed to get The Bureaucrats to permit him to use his Magic Treehouse books (level 3.8 -- apparently this is bad), but that is the only compromise. No Gregor the Overlander, to his great disgust.

Elementary school and The Borg have a lot in common, and resistance truly is futile.


Anonymous said...

[sarcasm]Oh no, they're going to have to write a test just for him! What a burden![/sarcasm]

This is one of the problem with the testing metrics enforced by the federal government. They do not have any way to accurately measure the exceptional student.

The Boy is fortunate he has a family that challenges and engages him.

bod said...


Anne said...

Oh, no, Corvus -- the test exists for Gregor.

He can't take it because it is too far out of his required grade level. I had to be growly and insistent to get permission for the 3.8 level books.

And remember, Texas has the TAKS/TAAS testing, too. Standardized testing that ties the school's state funding to test scores.

We then wonder what has happened to education today . . .