In view of The Boy's current issues, I have withdrawn him from science camp this summer.

We are going to spend the summer learning to fail and having fun at it.

Oh, and fishing.

Lots of fishing.

And absolutely nothing that he can apply some ridiculous standard to himself and convince himself that he has let either himself or someone else down.

We will make messes.

We will have disasters.

And hopefully one of us will learn to have some fun.


bod said...

ooooh yes, messes! mix up cornflour and water and play with that, sqeeze it in your hands till its dry as stone then open them up and watch it run!
hand and feet painting.
colour a piece of paper with all different colours of wax crayons then cover the whole thing in black wax crayon and use a cocktail stick to draw a picture in it.
ok i'll stop now.