Not Much to Say, But Not Abandoning The Cave Again, Either

The Husband is has traded WarCrack for StarCrack, so snagging the net has been nearly impossible lately, especially with all the downloading I've been doing.

XNA only seems to want to play with the 360.

Of course, this important fact isn't revealed until you actually download and install it, which takes a couple of days on a Middle-of-Nowhere dial-up connection.

Panda3D wants a different set of OpenGL drivers than are currently installed on my Beast. I may have the correct set on a disk somewhere, but I'm not sure if I remember where they are to be installed . . . as I recall, I had to go visit someone with DSL to get them in the first place.

Coding4Fun pointed me to KPL, a link Twinmama originally sent me, but The Boy's vision is a little beyond Pong and Asteroids, which brings us to Phrogram, the Big Kid version.

I would be downloading it right now if I hadn't already spent three days downloading all the other stuff . . . I've got stuff to read.

If you don't see any updates you'll know I melted my brain and The Boy is living on Halloween candy (did I tell you I found his stash of last year's candy while trying to find a place for this year's?).


bod said...

was there candy corn? thats my favourite.