I Need . . .

. . . a book.

One that doesn't exist.

It would be called "Math for the Mothers of Evil Geniuses and 2nd Graders."

Let me know if you run across it in your travels.


Special thanks to Twinmama, for the link to 43 Things, a nifty site that easily sorts and organizes your books, music, movies, etc. for public consumption and/or ridicule.

And special thanks to Corvus, for the link to the Video Game Voters Network. Video games are the latest art form to come under attack by the would-be censors who would have us believe they are simply trying to "save the children."

Never trust a politician who is trying to "save the children" but does not advocate throwing negligent, apathetic parents into prison.

I personally would have associated attacks on our freedom of speech with the Right Wing, but oddly enough it is the Democratic Party that seems to be doing the majority of the flag waving in this case.


Freedom of Speech = Good

Stupid, negligent parenting = Bad

Very, very bad.

I'm sure I'll have more to say on this as certain people gear up for their run on the Presidency.


bod said...

i agree. we are all human and we all make mistakes but people who deliberately neglect or harm their children ......
human beings are naturally of selfish nature but parents need to overcome the desire to think of themselves first.
youre the only parents theyll have. SO BE GOOD ONES! set them a good example.