Yeah, I Suck at Blogging . . .

The current excuse is a two-parter:

1. We've had inventory at work.

The nature of my job required me to be there most of the time, including 16-hour, 20-hour and 10-hour days, back to back, with a nap in my car at one point.

2. The Husband is playing World of Warcraft again, which is kind of rough on dial-up anyway, much less when your wife is blogging in the other room.

In other news:

The Boy went back to school.

And it was the teacher, not The Boy. I now have proof.

Show and Tell means anything you happen to remember to drag in with you, and not a lengthly multi-media presentation or report on pottery.

Always send snacks on the first day of school, because everyone else sends tissues and hand sanitizer. You will be the mommy equivalent of a rock star.

I am playing The Sims. One and Two.

I don't get it.

I will give it another day or two, just to make sure I'm not missing something significant.

However, I don't think I am.

Rockstar, creators of the wildly successful and wildly criticized GTA games, has a new game coming out, Bully.

I have thoughts about that (remember, I think Jack Thompson is an idiot, so no crossing fingers and imagining that I am going to be a Tipper clone on the topic).

I hit a dog.

I did not kill it, although it knocked my air conditioning loose and will cost $500 or so to fix. Not bad, considering there isn't a mark on the dog or car.

More on that, too.


bod said...

wow! have you been busy. glad the dog is ok but shame about the a/c