Am I the Only One Offended . . .

Leafing through a magazine in a waiting room today, I saw the Garbage Weekly photos of Pam Anderson's wedding to Kid Rock.

Attendees released balloons from the yacht where the wedding was held over the water in St. Tropez.

Little Miss Don't-Eat-Chicken-Because-It's-Mean apparently had no problem with littering the ocean with rubber and string, placing sea birds and other marine life at risk when they eventually ingest the deflated balloons and get tangled up in the string.

I visited a pelican rehabilitation facility once, and cried over the mutilated birds who had lost legs, limbs and wings due to having their circulation cut off when they became entagled in string and fishing line. It was horrible. I had nightmares -- every time a bird turned, some body part was missing.

I can't believe that PETA would tolerate that behavior from one of its spokespeople without making some kind of statement.

Apparently actually standing up for animal rights wouldn't generate the same level of press coverage as attacking corporate restaurants or parading nearly nude bimbos around to protest fur.


Corvus said...

Ew, you mean, like, all of our actions have consequences? That must be exhausting for some people to have to, like, think about all the time?

bod said...

hell, animals have rights?!
im so sick of people who but themselves, no wonder the world is in a mess.

Anne said...

Maybe she'd be interested if KFC made Pelican Nuggets or Popcorn Pelican Poppers out of the amputated wings.

PETA just annoys me.

A local municipal shelter just crashed and burned and the county facility is completely overloaded sorting it out, yet PETA's money goes to pay celebrity idiots rather than to help in situations like this.

Go figure . . .

bod said...

come on anne, we all know celebrities need more money and publicity!