** snort **

Jeff Foxworthy is obviously a Yankee. We recently attended an engagement party, and made some casual observations he completely missed.

You may be a Redneck . . .

  • if everyone who attended your engagement party brought their own gun

  • if you and your fiance are both holding guns in your engagement picture for the local paper

  • if your engagement party ends when it becomes too dark to see to shoot

  • if your child's Baby Book contains a shattered clay target, and you have tearfully recorded the day he develops the coordination to shout PULL, aim and fire by himself


Anne said...

For the record, The Boy does not have a clay target in his baby book.

And neither does The Husband.

Anonymous said...

great parenting -- the kid's what? 5? 6? and youre letting him use guns?

totally irresponsible. just what i'd expect from texans.