The Boy Reviews Peter Jackson's King Kong

The game, at least.

I am again a terrible mother, denying my poor child the opportunity to see the movie.

Not because of the PG-13 rating, but because I know how it ends, and Kong always has my sympathy.

I had to let him rent the game because he made the Honor Roll at school, which entitles him to a free rental from a place that would make Corvus cringe if it was mentioned. It took The Boy nearly an hour to pick out his rental, until he realized that he could get the movie or the game. He assured me the game would be infinitely cooler because you get to blow stuff up and fight dinosaurs.

It is always nice to see that your child has his/her priorities in order.

The Boy reports it is the best game ever, which is weird because usually the movie franchise games are pretty bad (this is the movie studios' fault -- they are neurotic and paranoid and believe that civilization would come to an end if game developers actually knew the plot of the game they were creating).

He is immersed enough in the game to have conversations with non-player characters.

And he just got to be Kong, and is talking smack to the dinosaurs.

Update: "Mommy, I can't eat dinner now. I have to find my girlfriend. She's hiding because she was very scared when I was killing that dinosaur slumber party."


Corvus said...

Dinosaur slumber party!

Anne said...

Apparently when you are attacked by a group of 10-15 flying "dinosaur bats" it is known as a dinosaur slumber party, and this is what happens to you when you don't invite the friendly neighborhood giant gorilla. ** smack! ** ** splat! ** ** BAM! **

The Boy googled for the cheat codes and put them in by himself.

I'm not sure whether to be proud or try to sell him to Microsoft before the FBI comes knocking . . .

Light & Dark said...

Hell, sell him to the FBI. Two birds with one sale & all that. Though you probably would get a better price from Mr Bill.


snowballinhell said...

B is going to want that game. He loved the film. I cried for Kong.

OH and my boss' son just graduated from and he's raking in a HUGE salary his first year out of school. There's a future in this stuff!

Anne said...

B would like it A LOT.

The Boy reports that there is an alternate ending to the game that does not involve dying horribly.

The Husband has succumbed to WoW, and would prefer to sell The Boy to Blizzard.