All Together, Now . . .

I may be working on a project soon -- it's floating around in my head, bumping into other things and knocking over piles of stuff, which makes getting anything else done rather difficult, to say the least.

It is a publishing project, and I am looking for a bit of insight.

Do you read independently published books, or limit yourself to the corporate menu? Why?

Would you read independent literature if you had an idea of what to expect?

Have you published, either independently or via corporation, and how was the experience?

If you prefer not to comment, you can e-mail your views.


Twinmama said...

I don't have many independently published books, which is partly because access is so limited, but largely because I value the work of editors. I used to see a lot of self-published drivel at conferences that wasn't worth reading. On the other hand, if I kind of knew the person, in other words--knew the person wasn't insane, could write and worked hard on it, hell yes I'd buy it.

For the record, both my husband and my mother self-published a book. Both were quite successful. I'm pretty sure having niche markets (special diets) helped.

This might seem kind of silly, but people do judge a book by it's cover. I did a website for a guy whose "book" is actually just a bunch of badly typed pages copied and stapled together. I know people are probably a little suprised to get that after reading "book" on his website. Personally I think he would do even better if he would just get someone to do the layout right and do some decent binding (don't even getting me started on his cover). Presentation matters.

Two recommndations:

Just my two cents! :)

Dana said...

I have several independently published books. I am also in the process of self-publishing my book (however, I am STILL looking for a cover design since my designer backed out).

Thus far, the process has been decent.