Any suggestions?

I have to do a web page for a tea room for a client I haven't met via an intermediary who sort of knows The Husband, and I have no idea what to charge someone who has no idea what I am doing, hasn't provided much in the way of content, and wants it done in a week.

I am beginning to remember why I got out of advertising . . .


Light & Dark said...

C'mon, you know the drill. Anybody who is that clueless is going to be a COLOSSAL pain in the ass and an unbelievable time-waster who will take no responsibility for being the source of the problem. And will bad-mouth you in the end.

Don't take the job under circumstances that you know darn well are no-win. There is no amount of money that will make it worth it.

My suggestion? Require a proper meeting, the content up front, a reasonable turn-around time, and a reasonable, approved fee. Otherwise, run away.

(But you already knew this, didn't ya? Damn rhetorical questions.)

Light & Dark

Twinmama said...

I have blanks forms for website clients to sign if you want them :)