Get Your Head In The Game . . .

Or at least please stop picking daisies when you are supposed to be guarding that other kid.

Yeah, that kid.

The one with the wristband the exact same color as yours.

No, it is not an astonishing coincidence. That's how you know who to guard -- you look for the matching wristband.

Yes, if you throw the ball high, high into the air, someone from the other team is going to grab it away from the kid on your team. This is why we practiced passing all week, and this is why you aim the ball at the other kid's chest, and not, in fact, at the space shuttle.

Please do not stroll randomly across the court when you are supposed to be sitting on the bench to tell me that it is only eight and a half minutes before halftime.

It is not the referee's job to ground the kid who knocked you down. Don't criticize him -- he was nice enough to give you a free throw.

We do not bounce the ball nose-high when dribbling. That is how that other boy was able to get it away from you (and I do not believe he was evil).

Yeah, it's been a fun day.


bod said...

are we to take it that hes notthat intersted in the game then anne?

Anne said...

No, it's not an interest level at fault here.

I suspect it has more to do with the fact that he has never played either basketball or a team sport. Since they do not keep score at his age group level, they only had one practice, so he is a bit fuzzy on the rules.

Also, he is on the shy, quiet side, and has never been a "performer."

Finding himself playing in front of a packed gym was startling, to say the least.

When he had his head in the game, he was pretty good in terms of guarding and being where he was supposed to be . . .

Fortunately I am not the sort of parent who thinks in terms of basketball dynasties or future athletic scholarships. That's what math is for -- : )

bod said...

im with him on that one anne. team sports are scary. and even worse with an audience!

Dana said...

Poor kiddo...

I think he'll acclimate though.