Reading Too Much . . .

I was going to post on the current nonsense of the "Happy Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas," with emphasis on the pagan roots of both Santa Claus and the Christmas tree, but it really isn't worth the effort.

I am reading an older book (circa 1998), Growing Up Digital, that is about my son, and I am wondering if I can force his school's administration to read it.

The Husband and I are Gen-Xers, and he noted recently that the most significant difference between Gen-X and N-Gen is that we were there as the technology developed, and maintain a sense of wonder and interest in how it works, while the kids simply take it for granted and adapt it to their purposes.

The Boy fits author Don Tapscott's N-Gen profile, from the fierce independence to investigation and immediacy issues.

The question is no longer why is he so bored in school, but why did it take him so long to articulate it?

More, eventually.


Alicia said...

HOpe your SolstiChristmaKwanzukkah was great this year. I love the book When Santa Was a Shaman and actually had just pulled it out a few days ago to read again. Perhaps I should do it every year at this time much like some people watch It's a Wonderful Life.