Harry Potter . . .

and the Goblet of Fire.

The Boy hates it.

He is annoyed and frustrated, and the problem seems to be that it is a little too directed.

And it's multi-player. You and two of your closest friends can be Ron, Hermione and Harry.

He was expecting something more along the lines of the previous games -- complete objectives to further the story, but plenty of room to wander around. Even allowing for the tremendous amount of material in the book, the game seemed to have a rushed feel. You will go here now, and do this now. You also have no control over the camera (this annoys The Boy the most).

I doubt he will finish it, which is sad because he still replays the others in the series.

I guess Hollywood gets a point on this one.

The Boy went off to play Qix.


The Reij said...

You've got to hate it when sequels to games suck. It happens alot, but from time to time, you get a few gems. Something that comes to mind is Homeworld, then Cataclysm (sp?)and finally Homeworld 2. While Cataclysm was a decent stand-alone side story, Homeworld 2 really brought you back to the plight of the Hiigarans while advancing the story of the Tai'dan, which recreated the drama of the original while moving the series forward.

BTW, HP is EA, so honestly, what did you expect?