March of the Penguins comes out on DVD November 29.

The French version features talking penguins, as well as a 3-disc version stuffed full of bonus materials.

The US version has a nice, soothing documentary-style voiceover by Morgan Freeman.

I would rather see the talking penguins.

But The Boy doesn't speak French.

And the Canadian DVD doesn't appear to have either English dub or subtitles.

And The Boy really wants to see it . . .

I guess we're stuck with Morgan Freeman.

Unless The Boy can pick up French in a week.

I'm not holding my breath -- he's struggling with English as it is.

He is fascinated with verb tenses at the moment, and I am wondering where he picked that up because his schoolwork is currently very involved with identifying and capitalizing proper nouns.

It's fun, because he picks a verb tense and tries to phrase all his sentences in the selected tense, which leads to some hysterical sentence constructions.

At least he's thinking . . .