On The Power of Words . . .

Ever stumble across a post on someone else's blog that has taken the folder out of your brain marked "Misc. Bits to Come Back and Think About Someday When You Have More Time" and turned all those scraps of thoughts into a beautiful post you know you couldn't have written, even on a good day during a week when The Boy was off fishing with his grandfather?

Mata has done exactly that with his post on advertising, mind control and the simple power of words.

He references his Mr. Snaffleburger series of flash animations, which I highly recommend (The Mr. Snaffleburger Corporation Children's Show is my personal favorite), and once offered to make a custom-sized Samurai Lapin t-shirt for The Boy, which I regretfully turned down because I thought it might get me arrested here in small town Texas.

The Boy loves Samurai Lapin to this day, even more than Charlotte and Vendetta.


Mata said...

A bit of a late comment, but thanks for linking over to my blog. It's always nice to know people are reading it, and I'm flattered that you like my style of writing.